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Upcoming Events

  • October, 2023MultiTip Enhancing Resilience (ER) - another two years of collaborative research on Lake Victoria fisheries. Our researchers from Universities of Heidelberg and Kassel will collaborate with researchers from fisheries institutes in the Lake Victoria region (LVFO, TAFIRI, NaFIRRI and KMFRI) on studying ecological tipping points and fisheries management to improve the resilience of the Lake Victoria resource system.

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Highlights 2023

  • 4th April, 2023 - Policy Insights from MultiTip at Lake Victoria stakeholder workshop in Entebbe, Uganda.

    • Description: Our researchers from Heidelberg University and University of Kassel joined our partners from the Lake Victoria region in presenting a summary of the policy implications of MultiTip to the the governing organisations around Lake Victoria (TAFIRI, NaFIRRI and KMFRI). The workshop enabled us to successfully share our results and receive feedback on improving our policy briefs and on areas of future research. We are grateful for the opportunity to discuss our findings with stakeholders and we are looking forwarding to more collaborative work in the region.  

04.04.2023 Workshop3 Small
MultiTip researchers and collaborators from the Lake Victoria region met in Entebbe, Uganda to present the findings of 4 years of research to fisheries directors from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


  • 5th April, 2023 - Research workshop in Entebbe, Uganda.
    • Description: Our researchers from Heidelberg University and University of Kassel joined our research partners from Lake Victoria to discuss the future of the MultiTip project in the region. We successfully co-created a plan for disseminating our improved policy briefs (using feedback from the day before). We also discussed Phase 2 of the project - MultiTip ER (Enhancing Resilience), another 2 years of collaborative research starting in October, 2023. 

  • ​​​​​​​17th and 18th January, 2023 - Johannes Kammerer presented the research insights and policy implications of MultiTip at the final workshop of SeaUseTip Consortium (Spatio-temporal analysis of tipping points in the socio-ecological system of the North Sea) in Hamburg, Germany. The workshop also featured other BioTip projects and discuss their insights on socio-ecological systems, tipping points and common pool resource management.


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Highlights 2022

  • 24th and 25th November, 2022MultiTip: Insights and Policy Implications Workshop in Heidelberg, Germany.

    • Description: Our researchers from Heidelberg University and University of Kassel, as well as our partners from Lake Victoria and the members of our scientific advisory board will meet to discuss the insights and implications of MultiTip.

    • To download our Pre-Workshop Summary click here.

      Nov Workshop Grouppic
      Our researchers and partners met on the 24th and 25th of November, 2022 in Heidelberg, Germany to discuss the main policy implications of MultiTip. At this point, MultiTip has already completed three and a half years of research. 
  • 26th and 27th September - Dr. Santiago Gómez-Cardona will be presenting on the paper: “Subsidizing Compliance: A Multi-Unit Price List Mechanism for Legal Fishing Nets at Lake Victoria” (2022) at the AURÖ Annual Junior Researcher Workshop in Environmental and Resource Economics, Graz.

  • 5th September - Prof. Timo Goeschl presented the paper “Subsidising Compliance: A Multi-Unit Multiple Price List Approach to Determine Willingness to Pay for Legal Nets in the Lake Victoria fishery” at the 23rd BioECON conference in Exeter, UK.

  • 25th May - Dr. Santiago Gómez-Cardona presented the paper "Subsidising Compliance: A Multi-Unit Price List Mechanism for Legal Fishing Nets at Lake Victoria" at the Environmental Economics Brownbag Seminar at the Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim, Germany.

  • 4th May - Dr. Tillmann Eymess presented the paper "Subsidizing Compliance: A Multi-Unit Price List Mechanism for Legal Fishing Nets at Lake Victoria" at an internal seminar at Alfred Weber Institute of Economics, Heidelberg University.


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Building a Knowledge Community

Over the past 3 years of the project, the MultiTip team has been actively building a knowledge community on resilience in globally connected resource systems like the Lake Victoria SES. This community was built not only among partners, governing bodies, other stakeholders and end-users, but also among fellow researchers, students and the general public.

We achieve this using a variety of platforms and media:

  • Prof. Timo Goeschl appeared in a live broadcast on ‘Systems at Tipping Point’ on public television (December 2020). This was watched by around 300,000 viewers in Germany (AGF, 2020) and led to numerous post- broadcast inquiries from the general public.

  • The project video is posted on YouTube.

  • The Mental Model Mapping Tool is available for free download on the App store and Google Play Store. It also has its own website, where it can be used online. The tool has already been downloaded more than 600 times. It was developed by Heidelberg University, the TAFIRI and Lambdaforge as part of the MultiTip project.

  • We published a seasonal dedicated newsletter and a few social media posts.

  • In total, our team gave 16 presentations at international scientific conferences and 13 talks in the University (two of them at the Heidelberg Center for the Environment).

  • We initiated a one-year multidisciplinary group on Tipping Points at the Marsilius-Kolleg at Heidelberg University.

  • Our team members lectured on the project to graduate and undergraduate students in 4 courses.

  • MultiTip was invited by 2 non-German universities to talk about the outcomes of the research project.

  • We conducted 6 webinars and workshops on social science research methods for tipping point research and data analysis.

  • Our members trained around 10 junior researchers in the partner countries.

  • The output of MultiTip also consists of peer- reviewed publications and discussion papers as contributions to the psychological, economic, and interdisciplinary literature (many co-authored with researchers from the Lake Victoria region).


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