Project Design

Co-designed Research

MultiTip is an interdisciplinary research project that is co-developed with researchers and stakeholders from the Lake Victoria region. Our aim is to provide useful and high-quality research on Lake Victoria, tipping points and fisheries management.

Regional Kickoff
The MultiTip Regional Stakeholder Kick-off event at Jinja, Uganda in July, 2019.
MultiTip researchers from Heidelberg University and University of Kassel discussed and fine tuned the goals of MultiTip with stakeholders, including: our partners from LVFO, TAFIRI, NaFIRRI, KMFRI, representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture and Fisheries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and other fisher representatives.

In the development stages of MultiTip, we conducted a problem analysis with 67 stakeholders from 25 institutions in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania (van den Broek, 2019). We held semi-structured interviews with businesses, NGOs, governmental organizations and communities. In these interviews, stakeholders discussed key socio-economic, environmental, health and institutional concerns and possible mitigation strategies. The most frequently discussed issue was the declining fish catch and stock of the Lake Victoria Nile perch fishery.


Vandenbrook 2019 Fig
Frequency of challenges discussed per region.
The frequency consists of the number of institutions per individual challenges multiplied with the number of challenges per category.
Source: van den Broek, 2019

From this study onwards, we successfully co-developed and implemented our research agenda with stakeholders from the Lake Victoria region (van den Broek et al., 2020). We were able to conduct meaningful and impactful research due to this stakeholder engagement. In the context of tipping points and the socio-ecological system (SES) of Lake Victoria, MultiTip aimed to understand and analyze the resource system, its stakeholders and provide policy recommendations. Over the next 4 years, our research evolved in close collaboration and consultation with NGO's, communities, researchers and policy makers from Mwanza (Tanzania), Jinja (Uganda) and Kisumu (Kenya). Moreover, our expert supervisory board provided advice to enhance the quality of our research.


Researchers: Dr. Karlijn van den Broek , Dr. Sina Klein .

Partners: Joseph Luomba (TAFIRI) , Horace O Onyango (KMFRI) , Moses Musobya (NaFIRRI) .


van den Broek, KL (2019). Stakeholders' perceptions of the socio-economic and environmental challenges at Lake Victoria. Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Management, June, 1-7. .

van den Broek KL, Luomba J, Onyango HO, Musobya M, & Klein SA (2020). A framework for co-developing conservation research projects with stakeholders: A Lake Victoria case study. Lakes and Reservoirs: Research and Management, October, 1-10




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