A Summary of the Achievements of MultiTip

MultiTip aims to deliver a novel in-depth understanding of Lake Victorias complex socio-ecological system and provide recommendations on its governance. Our studies use novel methodology and deliver valuable insights on fisheries management. 


Nileperch Big
A large Nile perch catch.

Our achievements can be placed into two categories. First, we analyse this complex socio-ecological system in the context of Lake Victoria and thus, advance knowledge in understanding tipping points and common pool resource management. The lake and fishery have many unique qualities and understanding the resource system is essential for providing policy recommendations. We look at both the interactions between fishers and the resource system and also analyse stakeholders perceptions and behaviour. Second, we convert our findings into policy insights in the form of policy briefs. These documents provide policy makers with advice on the governance of this important resource. 

We summarise the achievements of MutiTip into two main categories:

Advancing Scientific Knowledge on Tipping Points and Common Pool Resources

Policy Insights and Implications








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