Dr. Alice Solda


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Research Centre for Environmental Economics​

Alfred-Weber-Institute for Economics

Bergheimer Str. 20

69115 Heidelberg


Room: 218

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Topic of Interest :

  • Experimental and Behavioral Economics
  • Motivated Beliefs (e.g. overconfidence, self-deception, beliefs updating)
  • Environmental Economics (e.g. compliance behavior, audit mechanisms, decentralized enforcement mechanisms)
  • Social exclusion and reintegration

About me:

I joined the Research Centre for Environmental Economics in September 2019 to work as a post-doctoral fellow researcher on the Compliance project, which aims to improve the state of knowledge about systemic and country-specific factors of climate policy compliance.

My research so far has mainly been lying within the recent literature on motivated beliefs, which provides evidence that biases in beliefs are often strategic. I have particularly focused on whether being overconfident can lead to higher expected payoffs in strategic interactions (e.g. negotiations).

I am also interested in questions regarding the rehabilitation of long-term ostracized individuals and the effect of social exclusion on anti- and pro-social behaviors.

Education :

  • 2016–2020: PhD in Economics, University of Lyon (France) and Queensland University of Technology (Australia).
  • 2014–2016: MA, Economics, University of Lyon (France).
  • 2011–2014: Bsc, Law, Economics and Management, UFR-SJEPG (France)

Current Research:

  • Confidence, demand for information and responsiveness to feedback Heterogeneity in honesty and compliance behavior (with Timo Goeschl)
  • Why Inter-firms Information matters in designing Competitive Audit Mechanisms for Environmental Taxes (with Timo Goeschl and Marcel Oestreich)
  • Overconfidence as a strategy in leadership striving (with Changxia Ke, Lionel Page, and William von Hippel)


  • Solda, A., & Villeval, M. C. (2020). Exclusion and reintegration in a social dilemma. Economic Inquiry, 58(1), 120-149.
  • Solda, A., Ke, C., Page, L., & Von Hippel, W. (2019). Strategically delusional. Experimental Economics, 1-28.

Working Papers:

Absolute vs.  Relative Success:  Why Overconfidence is an Inefficient Equilibrium (withC. Ke, L. Page and W. von Hippel) Under review at Psychological Science

Awards :

2019 QBS Business School Dean’s Commendation Award

CV in English



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