A Summary of the Achievements of MultiTip

MultiTip focuses on investigating the scale (the 'how much') of anthropogenic stress on the SES of Lake Victoria and the Nile perch fishery. We also analyse instruments that could be used to address sustainable management of the resource system.


Nileperch Big
A large Nile perch catch.

Our findings can be placed into three categories. First, we analyse the socio-ecological system in the context of Lake Victoria. The lake and fishery have many unique qualities and understanding the resource system is essential for conducting valuable research and providing policy recommendations. Second, we analyse stakeholder perception and behaviour with regards to fishing and compliance. Third, we discuss the policy implications of our findings, analyse challenges faced in the governance system and assess possible instruments to improve compliance.

We summarise the achievements of MutiTip into three categories:

Understanding the Resource System

Understanding Stakeholder Perceptions & Behaviour

Policy Insights and Implications








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